Letty Gallegos

Designer & CEO

Letty Gallegos is the creator and founder of Maya by Letty. In 2016, the designer decided to work for her dreams in the United States, inspired by the example of her aunt Maya, an entrepreneur, who lived in a country with many limitations and managed to overcome them and get ahead as a businesswoman.

After 13 years working with her husband in her family business, Letty undertakes on her own in the project of her dreams, designing and creating jewelry for today’s modern, hard-working and professional woman; that every day conquers and stands out in the world.

Elegance, quality and originality characterize each of Letty’s designs, who is constantly seeking to improve every day and share the lessons learned from the process with other entrepreneurs, so that they can also pursue her dreams.

If you identify with this story… Your life is also a jewel. What are you waiting for to live it?