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How to clean your gold and silver jewelry

Jewels are a treasure! More than a companion, it is a piece that you will wear on any occasion.

Adding to our jewelry box pieces that are in trend is excellent, but knowing how to take care of them is also very important. That’s why we’ll show you how to clean your gold and silver jewelry and make it look like new.

Over time, rings, chains, bracelets and other accessories made of gold and silver tend to become opaque or dark. Therefore, it is important to clean them sometimes, as this way they will not lose their shine.

How to clean gold jewelry?

Cleaning your gold jewelry at home is very simple. Here are some suggestions on how you can make them look like the first day again.

Soap and water

Mix liquid dishwashing soap with warm water in a bowl. Use plastic gloves to protect your hands during this process. Put the jewelry in the container and soak it for about ten minutes. If the jewelry is still dirty when removed, repeat the process.


Put toothpaste on the jewelry and with a brush rub it with quick and soft movements. When you are done, remove the toothpaste with a cloth. To make sure the piece is completely clean, rub it under water. Finish the process by drying the jewelry with a cloth and make sure you have removed all the moisture.

How to clean silver jewelry?

Silver is a metal with a soft shine that makes jewelry look beautiful. But, it is essential to know how to clean them and keep them in good condition. Unlike gold, silver is more resistant. So here are 3 options for you to clean your silver jewelry


Add detergent to a container of warm water and immerse the jewelry you are going to clean. Let it stand for a few minutes and then dry each accessory very well with a soft cloth.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Add two tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl of water, mix until smooth. Apply it to the jewelry you want to clean and rub it with a soft cloth, until it is clean and shiny.

Salt and aluminum foil

In a container with warm water, add a spoonful of salt. Then place aluminum foil on the bottom of the container and add the jewelry over it. Wait a few minutes, rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

Useful tips for preserving your jewelry

If you want to keep your jewelry and not let it deteriorate, these tips will be very useful for you:

– Keep your jewelry in a separate space or bag, so that it does not rub against each other and get scratched.

– Avoid direct contact with aggressive cleaning products and perfumes. Chemical components can deteriorate silver and gold jewelry.

– Avoid wearing your gold and beach jewelry when you swim at the beach or in the pool, because sea salt and water conservation products in the pools can deteriorate them.

After knowing some alternatives of how to clean your silver and gold jewelry, it only remains for you to take them into account to successfully make your jewelry shine.

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